VA Contracted Facility

Wilkins Health and Rehab has been a trusted VA contracted facility for veterans with VA benefits for over 15 years. We work closely with the VA to ensure that your medical and rehabilitation needs are met , so that you may return to your prior level of function. We also strive to enhance the independence and quality of your life.


VA Contracts & Benefits

The VA offers several types of contracts for our facility depending on your VA benefits

  • Respite stays
  • 31 day skilled stay
  • 60 day skilled stay
  • Long term care indefinite stay
  • Hospice 

Your benefits will include nursing care, room and board, dietary needs, and may include rehabilitative services. We will help coordinate your benefits with you and your Va social worker. WHRC assists in transporting to your VA appointments as well as your local doctors appointments. Representatives from the Veteran’s Administration regularly inspect our home and their patients to ensure that veterans receive the best possible care.

We are proud to support and care for our dedicated veterans who have served our country!