COVID-19 Coronavirus- Currently we are not allowing any outside visitors in our facility. We are working with our medical team and our medical director daily.  All residents & staff members are being closely monitored daily.  Resources for you to utilize are: or call 877-215-8336 for coronavirus information line. We will be posting on facebook as well.


Dear Residents and Family members:

I hope that you are making the best of this Holiday season during these challenging times. I am so disappointed that we wont be able to have the Holiday Dinner this year. This is the first one we have missed having in 30 years. We have decorated the facility for Christmas and are planning some small group parties for residents. We are going to make the Season as fun and joyful as possible.

We have had an employee test positive for the virus. In response, we will be testing all residents and staff 2 times a week for 2 weeks or as long as our testing supplies last. test kits are not easy to find for purchase, but the Federal Government and the State Health Department are helping. All residents tested negative today. We are beyond thankful for that as the spread of the virus in our community is so advanced. I ask you to continue to wear your mask in public to help slow the spread of the virus. Additionally, if you feel strongly that our city should have a mask mandate from the city council, please feel free to email our mayor, Ritchie Dennington. his email is

God Bless,

Tony Wilkins

Resident and Family members
As you know we test all team members every week for the Covid virus. Even though Stephens county cases continue to rise all of our staff tested negative this week. I'm so proud of them for doing all they can to stay healthy during this pandemic. Thank you for your continued support.

God Bless
Tony Wilkins
Dear residents and Family members

All residents and all staff members were tested last week and the week before last. There were no positive Covid tests for residents or for staff currently working. This is a testament to everyone's diligence at following mask -wearing, hand hygiene , and social distancing both inside the facility and especially outside.

As you know, the virus continues to spread in our county. We are doing everything we can prevent it from spreading to the residents. Our staff members are doing an excellent job at being safe outside the facility. They deserve a big thank you and pat on the back!

We are continuing to visit. Outside visits are preferred but, as it gets colder, we have a plan for moving visitation inside. As we did in the beginning, we will utilize the 3 inside visitation stations. Only one visitor will be allowed to visit one resident at a time. The visits will remain 30 minutes in length.

As some of you may know, we have hired an extra activity person to take the residents on van rides just to get outside of the facility. They ride around town, go to the lake, or wherever they want to go. This definitely helps cut down on our cabin fever! Encourage your resident to sign up for these rides.

We will get through this time together. Please call us if you have any questions or suggestions during this time.

God Bless

Tony Wilkins


Dear Residents and Families

I have some excellent news to report today. As you are aware, we had 1 person out of all staff members test positive for Covi-19. Our test is an antigen test, so we sent the staff member to be retested with a PCR test which is more reliable. That test has come back negative which means 1st test was a false positive. I am happy to announce we are going back to phase 3 and will resume face-to face visiting Thursday 17th. Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this challenging time. we look forward to seeing you!

Residents and Families
We have been mandated by CMS to start testing our own employees and residents. CMS has sent us a testing machine and as of late Friday the 4th we have received all the certificates we need to be able to te4st. If our county is less than 5% we test once a month for staff, 5-10% once a week for staff, greater than 10% once a week for staff and residents. Our county is currently 5.2% so we will start testing staff once a week starting today. This is a very time consuming task that we have been mandated to do but we will do our very best.

God Bless
Tony Wilkins


Resident and Families

I wanted to write to you to tell you where we're at on the virus and what we are watching to continue to keep our residents safe. We have been very fortunate to not have any positive residents or staff since back in May. So please continue to pray for us that we dont have any positive virus cases. We are continuing to follow all our safety precautions and we are staying full on all supplies. In previous letters i explained green, yellow, orange and red counties. We are currently yellow which means we can continue our vists. More and more counties around us are turning orange which means they cannot visit facilities. If our county turns orange we are mandated to do the same. Prayerfully as long as we stay yellow we will continue visits and i am happy to announce that starting Monday the 7th we are going to 3 visits a week.

As always I want to thank you for your patience, prayers, understanding, and cooperation. Call me anytime you have any questions or concerns

God Bless
Tony wilkins


Residents and Families

After the CMS, CDC, and OSDH visitation guidelines came out we have been reviewing those and watching the counties and State positive Virus numbers continue to climb. Through much consideration of not only physical Health but also Mental health we have decided to open up visitation for our residents and Families.

We will begin visitation on Monday the 6th at 1pm on an appointment bases only. As of now each resident will only be allowed 1 visitor per week. That may be able to increase after the first week or two of visits. You can call the facility and schedule your appointment with your family member. Please take a look at the provided form that has the questions and a place to sign for you to be able to come in facility.

We are still trying to do all we can to protect your loved ones. These are unprecedented times and uncharted waters that we are in. I want to thank you for your patience and understanding during these challenging times. We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming days and weeks.



Dear Residents and Family Members:

I wanted to reach out and give you some updates and information on our facility. With God's grace and our Staff's dedicated hard work, as of Friday, we are Covid-Free! Our 1 positive resident received 2 back-to-back negative tests and came out of isolation on the Covid wing. You can watch the celebration on our Facebook page.

The Governor has offered the National Guard to go to all LTC facilities to disinfect and clean each facility. They came last Friday and were very professional with the service they provided. I want to say a huge thank you to our 3 Brave Nurses who volunteered to work in the Covid wing. They did an outstanding job caring for their resident while putting their own health at risk. That in my opinion is the definition of a HERO!

The State Health Department has been working on guidelines to open LTC facilities back up for visitations. Once those guidelines have been given to us, we will have to see how those guidelines fit our facility. We have a facility-specific plan ready to go as well. As you know, the Virus is still lingering and we must continue to be proactive in keeping you, the residents, and our staff members as safe as we can. I will keep you informed when we receive additional information.

Even though this has been a very stressful time it has been a pleasure serving all of you. Please continue to pray with us for the health and safety of our residents and of our healthcare team.


God Bless,

Tony Wilkins



Today is day 73 of our current lockdown.

On Saturday, 5/9/20 an employee came to work, passed the Covid screening, worked for 4 hours, then developed stomach pain. The nurse sent the staff member home immediately and asked them to be tested for COVID-19.  We have been following this protocol since March.  On 5/14, we were informed this test was positive.  At 2:30PM, we informed the Stephens County Health Department whose nurses immediately formed a “Strike Force” to come to the facility and test all employees and residents (250 people!) We completed testing at 9:30 that night. They did an outstanding job! We received most test results back by 5/19. Our mass testing revealed 1 resident being positive for the Coronavirus and 8 employees who were positive.

The employees were sent home to quarantine if they were in the building at the time.  Otherwise, they were notified by the facility or the health department.

For the resident, we have set up a negative pressure wing which takes the air out of that area with negative pressure air scrubbing machines. This is where the Positive Coronavirus resident is living. The machines push the air  out of the building.  This way, the germs, droplets, etc. carrying the virus cannot come into other parts of the building.  The staff working with that resident is dedicated to that person only.  Additionally, they enter through the back door of that wing, do not have contact with any other employee or resident during their shift, exit through that door, take a shower in the dedicated Shower Trailer then go home.  All laundry from the unit is washed separately in hot water by itself-not mixed with anything else.  We also have Air Scrubber machines, with HEPA filters, positioned about the facility to simply clean the air.

At this time, all staff are wearing full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which includes gown, mask, eye shield, hair covering, and shoe coverings (when indicated).  We have enough on hand at this time to meet our demand.

Our Positive Employees and Resident had NO SIGNS OR SYMPTOMS of the virus at the time of testing. Since then, a couple of them have had very momentary and light symptoms.  Our resident reports being fine and being spoiled by the dedicated staff. (This is what is so dangerous about this virus-the fact that it spreads so rapidly because it is undetected.)

We know that this is such a hard time for our residents, staff and family members.  We pray that the restrictions don’t have to last much longer.  Lifting them will be determined by the virus spreading in our Duncan area community as well as being virus-free in the facility.  We also will have to work out a plan with the health department for testing employees and visitors going forward possibly.  Until we have a tried and true vaccine, we must be very careful and diligent.  PPE in some form is here to stay for awhile.  I believe that has truly blocked the virus spread in our facility to date.

Some of you have asked what you can do to help.  For residents: phone calls, snacks, cards/letters, facetime, games or puzzles they can do in their rooms.  Everything needs to be new and should be able to be sprayed with Lysol or be wiped with a disinfectant wipe.  For employees: cards, pre-packaged snacks, drinks.  We do a lot of stress snacking around here currently! If you are bringing anything, you can call 252-3955 and leave it at the front door.  Staff will come out to spray or wipe things and deliver them to the proper persons.

Most of all, you can pray specifically that the virus does not spread, that people who do have it do not get really sick from it, that residents’ and employees’ mental health is positive, and that all make good decisions about social distancing and other protocols.

We did postpone the parade until further notice. We are still waiting on a few results and need to complete the process before we can do this.

Tony Wilkins



After receiving test results yesterday afternoon that an employee had tested positive for COVID-19, we contacted Stephens County Health Department. Immediately, they and the regional representatives from OSDH sprang into action. By, 9:30 last night, all employees and staff had been tested for the virus. This is close to 250 people!

We are incredibly proud of our caring, dedicated staff who showed up to not only be tested but also, to support our residents and to help with the testing process. These frontline warriors have been careful, so professional, and so wonderful to work with.

We are hoping to receive these test results in 72 hours. We will immediately notify staf, residents, and their family members as soon as we have the results. Our Coronavirus, Preparedness Plan will continue to be followed including assessments throughout the day of each resident.

We appreciate the thoughtfulness, kind words, and especially the prayers from each one of you. We will update you as we receive more information.

Tony Wilkins


Residents and Family members

As of today we ( WHRC) Residents and Staff have not had any positive Covid-19 results. Stephens county has had 22 positive cases. I was informed today that Oklahoma State Department of Health will be conducting a State wide Covid-19 test on all Nursing Home residents and staff. Our facility Covid-19 Test will be conducted Thursday May 7th. The test is the Saliva test where the residents will spit into a cup, if the resident cannot spit into a cup then that resident will be Nasal Swabbed. We are being told that we will have results in 24-72 hours after the test. If any resident tests positive we will notify that family member immediately and what action we are taking. If we have any resident or staff member that tests positive we will contact all Facility Family members as soon as possible on what actions we are taking to protect all oter residents in the facility. I just want to reaffirm at this time that we do not have residents with any Covid-19 symptoms and when come Covid-19 symptoms have developed that was not from another illness we have tested that resident for Covid-19 and all of those test have come back NEGATIVE.

Please stay informed on our website or Facebook.

Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for us.


Tony Wilkins




I hope this letter finds you well. As of today, we do not have any Covid-19 positive cases at Wilkins Health and Rehab. There are several Long-Term Care facilities in our state that have Covid-19 in their buildings. I am familiar with a couple of these facilities and I believe they are well-run. With that being said, sometimes even with the best precautions, the virus can still spread. I still find myself humbled by your prayers,support, encouragement, and offered generosity. Our team members are working hard to take care of our residents...not only by hands on care, but also by keeping themselves healthy and by following our instructions and recommendations.

President Trump's Covid-19 task force has laid our guidelines for states to reopen our economy and facilities like ours. The guideline is a 3 phase plan. From what I understand so far, in Phases 1 and 2 facilities like ours would still be locked down I.e. no visitors. Apparently, each individual State will decide when to start Phase 1 and then decide when to go to the next phase. I am sure those decisions will be based on how our State Covid-19 numbers are progressing. Please note, even if other states or parts of our state decide to progress to having visitors, I will have to make a determination for our home based on what is going on in our area- Stephens County.

At this point I have no idea of the timeline of all of those decisions. What I do know is that our facility is committed to doing all we can do to protect our residents and team members from this virus. Thank you for putting your trust in us to care for you, your family and our residents. Thank you for praying for us.

God Bless,

Tony Wilkins



Dear Residents and Family Members:

As of April 6, 2020 we are 26 days into our facility lock down to keep our residents as safe as possible during the coronavirus pandemic. We have executed our emergency plan and infection control procedures along with creating a preparedness plan for the Covid-19 virus.

Since the pandemic started, i think about it and ways to protect our residents and staff members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In my thought process, I  was thinking of the stories, pictures, and drawings we have received from families and residents. I am very humbled by the trust you have placed in us to care for you and your loved ones. Thank you! we are working tirelessly in meetings, conference calls, reviewing all health department, CMS and CDC guidelines, and reading, and reading Governor and Presidential orders. We are all hands on to keep the environment as safe as possible. At this time, WHRC has no known Covid-19 positive cases. If one of our residents does test positive for the virus, we have a plan to segregate that resident from all other residents. The staff who would care for them would ONLY care for the positive residents and that staff would NOT come into contact with other residents. These staff members caring for positive virus residents would not even enter the building where the other residents reside , but would enter a back door and only be where the residents who have the virus are living.

We have continued to educate our staff on the virus and on ways to protect themselves and their families from contracting it. Some of our staff have become ill with normal sickness i.e. colds, strep, and allergies. When appropriate, we have had them stay at home and not come to work. In most of these cases, we have paid the staff their salaries for that time. I am still providing free meals for our staff during their shifts and I have let them know that if they need anything during this crisis to come see me to see if I can help them.

I am very happy to tell you our main supplies ( groceries, nursing and housekeeping) have not been interrupted. We continue to get weekly deliveries. We have a good supply of masks that our staff use daily but we are still conserving those just in case supply line stops. We have other personal protective equipment for those who work with residents affected with the virus. However, these are limited and we are doing our best to conserve them as we are unsure when we will get more.

Please continue to pray for all of us. We feel your prayers and appreciate them.


Tony Wilkins



Today is day 14  for WHRC for restriction of visitors. Unfortunately, we need to continue to restrict visitors until further notice. Today, The health department announced the FIRST POSITIVE test in STEPHENS COUNTY. Currently, we are Covid-19 virus free in our facility. We are doing everything that we can do to protect our residents-your loved ones. We continue to be diligent with our efforts, information gathering, and staff education. Procedures for screening employees and residents are ongoing. We hope most of you are enjoying either FaceTime or Skype with your residents. If you have not done this yet, please contact Jessica Parker, our Activity Director. This continues to be such a challenging time for all of us. we appreciate your support. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us anytime at 580) 252-3955.

A home with a heart


Owners Tony and Melanie Wilkins take great pride in offering quality health care in Duncan, OK. We strive to provide a caring community and exceptional services. We want to help you lead a life filled with integrity, dignity, and freedom. We opened our home to 33 residents , and now we have expanded to meet the needs of over 100 elderly in the Duncan area. The latest addition to our community is our Pathway Rehabilitation center.

Our residents are a part of our extended family. At WHRC, we are pleased to develop new relationships, make new friends, and provide care in a loving environment.
This is our 30th year in Operation!

Tony Wilkins Owner & Administrator

Since 1992 Tony Wilkins has been our licensed administrator. Tony earned his Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from Oklahoma State University. He also completed the Oklahoma State Nursing Home Administration School at the University of Oklahoma. 

Melanie Wilkins Owner & Assistant Administrator

Melanie Wilkins is also a licensed administrator and serves as Assistant Administrator. She is actively involved in the daily operation of the community and has a Bachelor's Degree from Oklahoma State University in Food, Nutrition, and Institution Administration.

Tyler Wilkins Assistant Administrator

Tyler Wilkins joined his parents at Wilkins Health and Rehab in January 2016. He holds a Bachelors in Business administration and a Masters In Healthcare Administration. He is also a licensed long-term care Administrator. 

Health & Rehabilitation Center in Duncan

Wilkins Health and Rehab is dedicated to providing quality long-term healthcare for our residents.

Our Goal

Our goal is to focus on resident-centered care- attending to each person's physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. We strive to meet the individual needs of each resident with compassion, love, and support.

It is our objective to assemble a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, rehabilitation specialists, and support professionals aimed at achieving each resident's maximum level of health and independence.

Team Oriented

Wilkins Health and Rehab also desires to be an employer of choice in our community. We strive to maintain a quality reputation and a compassionate work environment where team-oriented quality care is our aim.

 We have many dedicated long term employees across all departments.  The continued stability of these employees aids in maintaining a specific standard of excellence for our facility. 

Owners, Leaders & Friends

Tony and Melanie Wilkins welcome you to tour the facility anytime.
They are very involved in the Duncan Community and take pride in the care offered at Wilkins Health and Rehab to the elderly in our city.

We welcome your visit anytime. Call us at 580.252.3955 to schedule a tour.

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